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17th May 1813: Meeting at the Yew Tree Inn, Roberttown, in support of William Cartwright & Joseph Radcliffe

The Leeds Intelligencer of 24th May 1813 carried an article about a meeting in Roberttown held to organise a reward and recognition for William Cartwright & Joseph Radcliffe, as well as the minutes of the meeting, which are reproduced below:
On Monday the 17th inst. a number of respectable Gentleman from Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield, Wakefield and the intermediate district, met at the Yew Tree Inn, Robert-Town, to co-operate in expressing the high sense entertained by the West-Riding, of the services of Joseph Radcliffe, Esq; and Mr. Wm. Cartwright, of Rawfolds, during the late disturbances. Wm. Rawson, Esq; of Halifax, was called to the Chair.—A letter was read from Bradford, stating, that it seemed to be the general sense of the inhabitants of that town, to limit their co-operation to the object expressed in the Resolutions, (see advertisement in our first page.) The Members of the Huddersfield Committee laid before the meeting the proceedings of their town’s meetings on the 6th inst. the Halifax Committee the proceedings of a public meeting of their town and parish on the 12th inst. and the Wakefield Committee the proceedings of their town’s meeting of the 13th inst. The Gentleman from Leeds stated, that no town’s meeting had been held there, but expressed their cordial concurrence as individuals, in their own names and that of many others, in the objects of the meeting. The Gentleman of the intermediate district did the same. A Committee of five was formed to prepare the Addresses, and consisted of a Gentleman from Huddersfield, from Wakefield, from Halifax, from Leeds, and one from the intermediate country. The Addresses and Resolutions were all passed unanimously; and there were one heart and mind to promote the objects of the meeting.
The Late Disturbances.

AT a MEETING of GENTLEMEN, Inhabitants of the West Riding of the County of York, held at the Yew Tree Inn, Robert-Town, on Monday, May 17, 1813, for the Purpose of co-operating in carrying into Effect such Measures as may best express the high State entertained by the Riding, of the meritorious Services of JOSEPH RADCLIFFE, Esq; and of Mr. WM. CARTWRIGHT, during the recent Disturbances.

WILLIAM RAWSON, Esq; in the Chair,

An Address of Thanks to Joseph Radcliffe, Esq; was proposed and unanimously adopted.

An Address of Thanks to Mr. W. Cartwright, was unanimously adopted.

These Addresses remain for the Signatures of such Gentlemen as were not at the Meeting, in the Hands of

Rev. Samuel Sharpe, Vicar, Wakefield,
Rev. Hammond Roberson, Heald’s Hall,
Mr. James Knight, Halifax.
Mr. George Oates, Leeds,
Mr. Battye, Huddersfield.

The following Resolutions were passed unanimously:

1. That Donations, to be offered as some Acknowledgement of Mr. Wm. Cartwright’s Services, be received the following Banks, viz.

Messrs, Beckett, Blayds, and Co. Leeds.
Fields, Greenwood and Co. ditto.
Thompson, Holtby and Co. ditto.
Crowder, Perfect and Co. ditto.
Nicholson, Brown and Co. ditto.
Milnes, Leatham and Co. Wakefield.
Wentworth, Chalenor and Co. ditto.
B &  J. Ingham and Co. Huddersfield.
John Dobson and Sons, ditto.
Hirst and Sykes, ditto.
Wm. Brook and Sons, ditto.
J.W and C. Rawson, Halifax.
Rhodes, Briggs and Co. ditto.
Peckover, Harris and Co. Bradford.
Hagues and Cook, Dewsbury.
Taylors, Gomersal.

2. That Thomas Allen, Esq; of Huddersfield, be appointed Treasurer to the Fund now instituted; and that, after presenting a handsome Sum to Mr. Cartwright the Residue be secured upon his Family—The precise Sum to be so presented, and the Manner of securing such Residue, to be determined by a Meeting of the Contributors, expressly called for that Purpose by the Treasurer, and to be held at the Yew Tree Inn, in Robert Town, on a Day to be advertised in the Leeds, and Wakefield and Halifax Newspapers.

3. That the Names and Sums subscribed be published in the Two Leeds papers, and in the Wakefield and Halifax Newspapers by the Treasurer, in the Order in which they are received by him.

4. That these Resolutions be published in both the Leeds, and the Wakefield and Halifax Newspapers.

Arrangements were made towards establishing a Co-operating Committee London; and the Meeting was adjourned until Monday, June 7, to be held at the Yew Tree Inn, at Nine in the Morning precisely.

W.M. RAWSON, Chairman.

The Cordial Thanks to the Meeting were unanimously given to the Chairman.

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