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12th August 1814: George Coldham tells the Home Office that the resumption of frame-breaking shows the FWK Union is weak

Leamington 12th August 1814

Dear Sir,

I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your two Letters of the 6th & 9th of August last both of which were sent to me here the first of which I have transmitted for the Consideration of the Magistrates of Nottingham & the last of which I shall lose not a moment in sending to them. I hope that the Magistrates will be enabled to keep the Peace with the force Lord Sidmouth has been enabled to send for the Protection of the Town & Neighbourhood of Nottingham & I am sure they will feel themselves very much indebted to his Lordship for his kind Attention to their wishes. Even if the Practice of Framebreaking should be resumed if the Officers of the Regiment of Cavalry should be willing to permit the Men to act on Foot which I should think the Magistrates would then deem essential to the effectual assistance of the civil power—I should hope they would succeed in the protection of the Property of the Manufacturers of the Town.

I have been at this place since Monday last for the benefit of my Health & shall stay here most probably about a Week or ten Days longer. In the mean time a communication established with one of my confidential Clerks & the Informants of the Secret Committee of the Operations of the Framebreakers & my Partner Mr Enfield will effectually supply my place in Case my Counsel or Assistance should be wanted either by the Magistrates or the Secret Committee. I have the pleasure to assure you that I regard the resumption of the Practice of Framebreaking as a strong & decisive Evidence of the Disorganization of the System of Combination as applied for the purpose of accomplishing an Increase of wages. I consider that this has been effected by the joint aid of a depressed Trade, of an increasing supply of Labourers in the Manufacturory from the Discharge of the Militia Regiments of the Manufacturing Sistricts, & of the Confusion & Dismay occasioned by the Seizure of the Books & Papers of the Committee of the Combinations. I have also the Satisfaction to inform you that I regard the Sources of Information in the Possession of the Magistrates & the Secret Committee as likely to afford them the most constant & early Intelligence of our project which may be set on Fort for breaking Frames in the Town of Nottingham or the immediate Neighbourhood of it in pursuance of our general System of acting & I am sure that both the Magistrates & the Secret Committee will act with the greatest Zeal & promptitude upon our Information which they may entertain

I am Dear Sir
Your’s most obediently
Geo Coldham

P.S. If you should write again on publick Business please to Direct to me at Nottingham if I am not returned Mr Enfield will open the Letters as he shd have Done the last

[To: Home Office]

This letter can be found at HO 42/140.

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