Tuesday, 26 August 2014

26th August 1814: Burglary & attempted burglary at the premises of two Leicester Hosiers

Late in the evening of Friday 26th August 1814, burglars targeted the premises of two Hosiers in Leicester.

The warehouse of F. Burgess in Loseby Lane was entered via an upper window using a ladder taken from a Mr. Ellis of Mortin's Yard. The burglars appeared to be familiar with the warehouse, as they targeted a desk which contained a pocket book containing a cheque for £200, leaving similar desks undisturbed. Other valuable items were also left behind. Two dozen hose were also taken. These items were found (minus the cheque) abandoned the following morning in St. Martin's Churchyard. The borrowed ladder was left standing against the building, the burglars exiting the warehouse via the front door.

There was also an attempted burglary at the warehouse of another Hosier in Leicester the same night, but a guard dog barking awoke people nearby, and the attempt was abandoned.

As described in the Leicester Journal of 2nd September 1814.

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