Monday, 23 March 2015

23rd March 1815: Threatening letter from 'a Keelman' at Sunderland


March 23

Revd Sir

We the Kellmen humbly Request that you will speak in our Behalf as we are all from one Common Parent and the poor you have always with you and to all apearnce if the waggonways come down our Famleys and the Town at large will be starved—

We therefore inform you that if the men are Liberated and a Stope are put to aney more ways comming down to Sunderland we will go peacebly to work if not the most resolute have sworn they will shute George Robinson and all those we are concerned in if and also that if Dr. Grey promises them to carrey the way a Cross the Gill the will do the same to to him likewise, we hope there for you will represent this to thos Gentlemen

yours a Keelman

NB. We trust you will keep your self from arme

This letter was sent to the Reverend Boundling at Bishopwearmouth and can be found at HO 42/143.

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