Sunday 8 March 2015

8th March 1815: Stockport Magistrates write a reference for Captain Francis Raynes

In his continuing efforts to obtain compensation from government, Francis Raynes had now enlisted the Stockport Magistrates to provide a reference which he planned to use in due course:


Stockport, 8th March, 1815.

We the undersigned magistrates, acting for the division of Stockport, in the county of Chester, having been desired to express our opinion of your services towards the restoration of the public tranquillity, during the disturbances which prevailed in this and the adjoining districts, for a great part of the year 1812, feel great satisfaction in addressing to you this testimonial of the high sense we entertain of your individual services at that alarming crisis. Stationed in a part of the country there, more particularly exposed to danger, you evinced uncommon prudence and alacrity in the discharge of an arduous duty; and, not content with merely affording protection to the district confided to your care, you, with a zeal highly honorable to you, endeavoured to break into that illegal confederacy, unto which a great part of the lower class in that neighbourhood were then associated. Your exertions were successful; and you were the means of bringing to justice, many who would otherwise have escaped their merited punishment.—For these important services, and for your earnest co-operation with the civil authorities, in the suppression of those tumults, and the preservation of the public peace, we beg to convey to you our best thanks, with confident hope and recommendation, that they may speedily receive the consideration of His Majesty’s Government.

Your obedient humble Servants,


[To] Francis Raynes, Esq. &c. &c.

This is from Raynes (1817, pp.151-153)

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