Sunday 24 April 2016

24th April 1816: Arson at Martlesham Hall, Woodbridge, Suffolk

The Bury and Norwich Post of 1st May 1816 carried a report about an arson attack upon Martlesham Hall, near Woodbridge in Suffolk, that took place on Wednesday 24th April 1816:
On Wednesday morning, about one o'clock, the barn and outbuildings of Mr. Glandfield, of Martlesham-hall, near Woodbridge, were discovered to be on fire. The flames consumed a quantity of barley in the straw, and also the waggons, tumbrils, ploughs, and general implements. A cart-lodge, about 150 yards distant, was also consumed; a circumstance which sufficiently indicated that the fire was not accidental. A man of the name of Joseph Bugg, who had been heard to use threatening language respecting Mr. Glandfield, was, by the active exertions of Mr. Charles Moor, of Woodbridge, (Agent to the Suffolk Fire-Office, where the corn was insured) soon after apprehended on suspicion of having set fire to the premises. He was examined before Edw. Moore and William Carthew, Esqrs. and has been fully committed to take his trial at the next Assizes.

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