Tuesday 26 April 2016

26th April 1816: Multiple arson attacks across Suffolk

The Bury & Norwich Post of 1st May 1816 carried reports of multiple cases of arson that took place across Suffolk on Friday 26th April 1816:
About two o'clock on Friday morning an alarming fire broke out on the premises of Mr. Kingsbury, of Bungay, (whose death we have noticed above) which, from the quantity of tallow, tar, oil, &c. therein, threatened total destruction to the adjoining buildings, but was fortunately got under by the very prompt and active exertions of the inhabitants, though not until the offices were destroyed. 
Same day a fire was discovered in two barns occupied by Mr. Scott, of Kettlebaston, during the time the men who had been threshing therein were gone to breakfast, which circumstance leads to a strong suspicion they were wilfully set on fire, The flames raged so furiously, that the whole were destroyed in a short time, together with a stable, cowhouse, and a stack of stover.—The buildings, which belong to Matthew Beechcroft, Esq. of London, we do not hear are insured, but Mr. Scott had secured his property by insurance in the Suffolk Fire Office. 
Same morning a fire broke out in a cottage in the occupation of Mr. Rosier, of Grundisburgh, which was entirely consumed, and not an article of the furniture saved.

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