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21st February 1817: Charles Mundy tells the Home Secretary that Joshua Mitchell is ready to confess

Burton Febry 21st 1817

My Lord

I have the Honour to inform your Lordship that I saw Mr. Locket yesterday who informd me that he had stated in a letter he had addressed to Mr. Addington in which he had stated that the real name of the person describd by Blackburn as little Sam is Clarke & that he is gone escort of the Isle of Wight as a deserter from the artillery. Mr Locket states that he has specified the date of his apprehension as a deserter in the above named letter to Mr. Addington or in the deposition of Blackburn which I had the Honour to present to your Lordship.—I do not know what would be the best mode of having been brought to Leicester. A constable might be sent with a warrant unless your Lordship would order him to be sent by escort would probably be the least expensive method. Mitchell who has chosen to say a good deal to me though I have told him there is no chance of its being of any of any service to him has told me that Grosvenor Henson has been in correspondence with the disaffected in London & that the plan for a general & simultaneous tumult was in great measure laid by him. Mr. Locket desires me to inform you Lordship that it is quite clear the outrage at Col Haltons South Wingfield Derbyshire was the effect of private malice unconnected with Luddism or Politics. I shall be with Mr. Locket at the County Gaol at Leicester all day Monday next if your Lordship has any commands to favour me with respecting little Sam

A letter addressd to me there would be received while Mr. Locket is with me

I have [etc]
C. G. Mundy

[To: Lord Sidmouth]

This letter can be found at HO 42/160.

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