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8th February 1817: Jeffrey Lockett updates the Home Office about the hunt for suspected Luddites

Derby Feby 8th: 1817


In the letter which I had the honour to address to you on Wednesday last from Loughbro’, I stated, on the information of J. Blackburn, that the Luddite, called little Sam, had been apprehended about four months ago, and removed from Nottingham, to the Isle of Wight, under the name of John Smith as a deserter from the Artillery. I have now to inform you, that it has been since ascertained, that he was committed on the 7th of October, by the name of John Clarke.

From accounts which I have received from Nottingham, I am happy to find, that there is a probability of John Disney and Aaron Daykin being apprehended.

There are already twenty two prisoners, in the gaol of this county, under commitments for trial at the next assizes.—Before that time, the number will probably be increased to thirty—

I am very happy to inform you, that the recommendation of Government relative to the [enrolment] of special constables, has been very generally complied with throughout this county. In the town of Derby, there is scarcely a person of respectability, who is not involved, and altho’ we have a Hampden Club, and many disaffected men amongst us, they are of the lowest, and most contemptible of our inhabitants, and by no means numerous.—They are to hold a meeting on Monday next,—but the Magistrates have made sufficient provision for the preservation of the peace, & are perfectly prepared for any occurrence which can arise from that quarter.

I have the honour to be Sir your most obedt Servt
Wm Jeffery Lockett

[To: Home Office]

This letter can be found at HO 42/159.

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