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16th March 1817: The Duke of Newcastle informs the Home Office he plans to attend the Nottingham Assizes

Mar. 16. 1817.

My Lord

I write a few lines to inform your Lordship that I am going to attend the Assizes tomorrow, for the purpose of giving support to the Judge & Sheriff and to be of what use I may be able—

The Sheriff was so good as to transmit to me your Lordship’s letter informing him that you had had  intimation of a body of people from Manchester being about to pass thro’ Nottingham, he mentions that he can gain no news of such persons being expected, and at a meeting held immediately to consider your Lordships information, it was decided that the preparation already made was so ample that nothing further was necessary—However to make every thing secure I have ordered two troops of Yeomanry escort to Nottingham to be under arms and ready to march at a moment’s notice—

I am sorry to observe that the cavalry has all been withdrawn from Nottm except 20 dragoons.—It is expected that all will go off very quietly, if otherwise, we shall be fully prepared to meet any opponents, and I feel sanguine in the hope that every one will do his duty—

I shall write to your Lordship if I have any information to give you.

I have [etc]


Visct. Sidmouth
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/162.

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