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28th March 1817: Daniel Diggle writes to his wife, from Nottingham Gaol

March 28th, 1817.


I write to you, hoping these lines will find you in good health; by the blessing of God I hope they will. I should like to have the pleasure of talking to you before I depart this life, if it could be done. Dear wife, I wish that I had been as you wanted me to be, I should not have come here; but I hope my companions will take warning by me—I hope they will. It is a system that never did, nor never will do any good; but it will bring them to the gallows as it has brought me. Dear wife, if I had been ruled by you, I might have been a pleasure to you and all my friends; but it is done, and cannot be undone—so you must make the best of it. I hope and pray that God will bless you, my dear wife.


This letters were published in the Nottingham Review of 11th April 1817, having been "handed to us for publication".

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