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1st June 1816: Ousley Rowley informs the Home Office that recent disturbances at Ramsey, Cambridgeshire, are now over

St Neots 1 June 1816

My Lord

In obedience the Prince Regent's commands to me (as one of the Commissioners of Lieutenancy in the County of Huntingdon communicated to me when in London by your Lordship’s letter of the 24th ulto) to return to the County on account of the then disturbed state thereof, I immediately did so, and feel much satisfaction in the honor of informing your Lordship, that owing to the Magistrates directly repairing to Ramsay, (which place & its neighbourhood the riots were confined,) and their prompt exertions there, the populace immediately dispersed; and part of the Yeomanry Cavalry assembling with much alacrity, and repairing to that part of the County, no further risings have been attempted, and all is Tranquil.

Two of the ringleaders (viz) Wm Tibbs a Bricklayer and Wm Barrit a Hodman or Labour, both of Ramsey were committed to the County Gaol; and John Breese a native of Ramsey who has lately served as a private in the marines, who was one of the most forward & violence upon such occasion, fled, but has returned & surrendered and has this day been committed to the County Gaol.

It may be well to observe that part of the effects which were stolen by some of the rioters Littleport (viz) 12 yards of Linen & four yards of woollen Cloth were found (by virtue of a Church warrant) in the house of one Meese a Labour at Ramsey, brought there by a boy, a son of Meece’s, and who says, that he found the same upon the road between Littleport & Ely, and brought the same to his father's, from whence he has been taken by an Ely Constable & since committed to Ely Gaol.

Captain Hamel of the 1st Guards with thirty privates arrived at Huntingdon yesterday.

There is now a recruiting party at Huntingdon under the Command of Captn Ginger of the regulars, and certain of the County Militia there in Number thirteen, which with the Yeomanry Cavalry, & considering the peaceable state of the people, should your Lordship find occasion for Captain Hamel’s services elsewhere, there can be no doubt of the County being kept in a state of Tranquillity.

I have [etc]
Ousley Rowley

[To] The Right Honble
Lord Sidmouth
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/151.

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