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20th June 1816: Henry Hobhouse summarises day 4 of the Ely Special Commission

Shire Hall
June 20. 1816.

Dear Sir,

After I dispatched my Letter yesterday, we convicted of a Robbery the Prisoner, who has been previously acquitted (as I stated to you) by the Kindness of his Dulcinea of a transportable offence.

Today we have tried an Indictment against 9 Prisoners for Robbery of a Shopkeeper in this Town, & the Jury convicted 8 of the 9.

This makes the present Catalogue of Prisoners finally disposed of as follows. There have been other Acquittals of Prisoners, against whom there are other Charges yet untried.

Atkins, Wm.}
Beamiss, Wm Junr.}
Benton, Mark} capitally convicted
Butcher, Christn. Acquitted—

Chevll, Aaron.}
Cooper, John}
Crabb, Robt.}
Dann, Wm.} capitally convicted—

Dennis, John — [capitally convicted] twice.

Easy, Joseph — capitally convicted.

Freeman, John}
Gaultrip, John} Acquitted—

Hardy, Isaac}
Hobbs, Sarah} capitally convicted—

Jefferson, John}
Jessop, Richd.} [capitally convicted] twice

Lavender, Joseph — convicted of G. Larceny.
Layton, Aaron capitally convicted.

Newell, Jas.}
Prieke, John}
Rutter, Richd.} [capitally convicted]
South, Thos. [capitalIy convicted] twice
Stubbard, Joseph—Acquitted—

We are now trying an Indictment for Stevens’s Robbery [against] four Prisoners, already convicted, & two others. This will probably occupy the rest of the day. If it should not, we must select for the [Professor] a case of small dimensions, free (as far as human Foresight can reach) of Difficulty of an Alibi.

I think it is hardly likely that the Business will be finished by Saturday Night.

We were let down so easily on the first Indictment, that you may be assured we incurred no Disgrace. A new Indictment has been found against all the Prisoners included in the first, except those who have been since convicted of other Crimes, and will probably be tried tomorrow morning.

I have not been inattentive to Ld. Sidmouth’s Wish to inform himself of the origin of the Disturbances, & I will continue to collect as much Information as possible on that Point.

I am sorry to hear that a Threshing Machine was burnt yesterday near Mildenhall.

I am Yrs. truly
H. Hobhouse

This letter can be found at HO 42/151.

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