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25th June 1816: The Chief Bailiff of Ely complains about the overcrowded Gaol

Ely June 25th 1816


You will excuse my troubling you with this Letter, merely to say, how necessary it is, that an application should be made to Government to request they will favour us with an early Order for the removal of the Transports from our Gaol. (nine in number) more particularly, as we are much over burthoned for the size of our Prisons, as we shall then be left with Fourteen Prisoners, with great probability of more coming in. independent of these Riots, we rarely have had so many at one time as eight.

Government having so readily relieved us in all this Business, I doubt not they would be equally so in giving an Order for their removal, upon application being made, that with the Interest and influence you have with them, we don't know any one so likely as yourself, and being upon the spot, to get it done for us. If you will have the goodness—

I have [etc]
F Bagge Chief Bailiff


everything is properly arranged & ready for The Execution on Friday—

This letter can be found at HO 42/151.

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