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5th June 1816: A Suffolk magistrates expresses concerns about the legal implications of John Moseley's letter to the press

My Lord;

I call your Lordship’s attention to a letter, I this day see published in the County of Suffolk Bury Newspaper, from Mr Mosely of Tofts in Norfolk, to the Duke of Grafton.

If Mr. Mosely is correct in his assertions as to the people of Brandon remaining quiet & that they dispersed upon the riot act being read, (which if I recollect does not appear by the depositions we had the honor to submit to your Lordship by our clerk Mr Wootton Isaacson), I take the liberty of putting it to your Lordship whether or not Mr. Mosely does not remove the felonious part of the charge against the persons committed to Gaol.

I wish your Lordship to understand I by no means want to lessen your confidence in the depositions you have seen upon this subject, but merely to inform you of every particular relating to it at comes within my knowledge. Had I a Bury newspaper I would have forwarded it to you

I have [etc]

J Barker

Newmarket 5 June 1816

This letter can be found at HO 42/151.

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