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26th June 1816: General Byng informs the Home Secretary of military preparations for the executions at Ely

Colchester June 26th 1816

My Lord.

I am Honoured with Your Lordships Letter of Yesterdays date, and have also received my orders from the Horse Guards to proceed to Ely tomorrow—It is my intention to be there by four o'clock, at which hour I have wrote to the Commanding Officer of the Troops to meet me—I have also considered it my duty to write to the Bishop, and to Sir Henry Dudley to inform them of what I propose.

I had always intended that the Troops stationed at Ely and Littleport should be under Arms on Friday morning, and to station them near, though not actually at the place of execution, in addition to the security they may thus afford, it is desirable they should be employed at that moment.

I will consult with Sir Henry Dudley as to the place most adviseable to station them, and can assure Your Lordship nothing like any disagreement will occur between as.—

I have sent my letters by Orderly Dragoons, they will therefore reach Ely this morning—The Troops, from Newmarket, Cambridge, Brandon, and Downham, will be in motion on Friday morning, as I proposed Your Lordship when in Town—

I shall do myself the Honor to write to You from Ely on Friday

I have [etc]
John Byng
Major General.

[To] The
Lord Viscount Sidmouth
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/151.

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