Tuesday, 21 June 2016

21st June 1816: Henry Hobhouse writes his final letter from Ely Special Commission

Shire Hall
June 21.1816.

Dear Beckett

We have brought the Session to a most satisfactory Conclusion.

Being of opinion that Justice had been satisfied, we determined to adopt the same course as at York. Gurney addressed the Court in an extremely neat appropriate & touching Speech, explaining the Grounds on which the Crown was acting, & Mr Justice Abbott exhorted the Prisoners to improve the Lenity, which had been shewn to them, to their own Advantage & the public Peace.

The Court is now about to adjourn till tomorrow for the purpose of taking Bail of the Prisoners, who are discharged, for their appearance when required, & for their good Behaviour in the Interim.

There are 24 capital Convictions, & one for Grand Larceny. If there is time before the Post goes out, I  will send you a Calendar with the general Result.

We this morning convicted 4 of the Felony at Rob. Waddelow’s, on which our Failure took place at the outset of the Session.

I write in great Haste—
Bolland is also writing—

Yrs truly
H. Hobhouse

This letter can be found at HO 42/151.

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