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16th January 1813: The Huddersfield solicitor, John Allison, writes to General Acland about the mood in the town

Huddersfield 16th January ‘13


Mr. Lloyd has left me & will only return to make up the Accounts—In answer to your polite note I beg to say that the feelings of the people here in consequence of the late Trials appear to have subsided into a dead calm, & I conceive that all will be perfectly tranquil unless it should be a few boisterous & ill tempered old Women who may perhaps vow a little vengeance for a short time, but that will soon abate—. As I was returning from Mr. Radcliffe’s, where I was when your favor arrived, I heard a few Croppers & an old Woman weighing the Justice of the late Judgments, the old Woman declared she wondered the whole of the Judges & Court, & particularly your humble Servant, were not afraid that the [Devil] would come & fly away with them all – just at that instant I came in sight, & nothing more passed, but all were mute—This was the case in two or three instances both as I went & returned, for I purposely went past the Dwellings of many of the Culprits. It is possible that some Irritation will prevail for some time, but it will soon be over, & I am confident that the disturbances will not be repeated.

I do not expect that any of the friends of the unfortunate Men (save one or two), can afford to bring the bodies to Hudd and I conceive the Croppers will not subscribe for the purpose for they all here appear ashamed of themselves – We will be on the look out at the Funerals should be take place here.

My professional Adversary, Blackburn, reports it that we have not yet got the Murderers — & that some of the Rawfolds Men were Innocent! I can account for this kind of unbecoming language in no other way than as coming from a Man (certainly not a Gentleman) whose every attempt has been completely failed, & has been turned to his own disappointment and exposure! Even his own Counsel at York seemed ashamed of the paltry Defences which Duty had imposed upon them to make—.

I have [etc]
Jno Allison

[To] M. General Acland &c. &c.

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.


  1. So glad to see that my family members are remembered. Only found out that I was a descendant and on the plus side I bear his name.
    John Eadon.

  2. Hi John - great to hear from you! Please get in touch with me -

  3. Hello, please could I have the full reference for this source?

  4. Email for the source document. I don't published the full reference to stop people passing off my efforts to transcribe these documents as their own