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31st January 1813: Captain Francis Raynes reports a manufacturer is still intimidated by Luddism

Mills Bridge 31st January


I have great satisfaction in having the Honor to report to you the perfect tranquillity which has prevailed in this part of the Country since the Detachments were withdrawn, altho it is still too evident the turbulent spirit is not destroyed, yet it is sufficiently subdued if the Inhabitants would exert themselves to ensure future quiet and good order but tho’ they know they have nothing but their own vigilance to depend upon, they are relaxing most materially in their exertions for the preservation of the peace—In those places where Associations had been formed, during the last week several have been given up. I have convers’d with many people on the subject, and find them all agreed in one point, that it is fear causes their backwardness, but they say were they under proper regulations, well arm’d and could go out six or seven in a body, they would not be afraid of doing their duty—

Immediately on the Troops being withdrawn, I heard a report that Mr. Lindsey of Gildersome intended taking down his Shears, and to advertise that he had done so—I wrote a Note to enquire if this really was his intention, his answer I have the Honor to enclose, I have since been over to Gildersome, but did not offer any advice on the subject, I merely said, taking Shears down would shew too much fear of the Croppers, he acknowledged it would be cowardly and seems more determined to [keep] them going—

I am sorry to observe Sir, the people here [evince] no disposition to avail themselves of the Pardon offer’d by his Majesty on the contrary, one of the Proclamations was torn down a very little time after it was posted up

I have [etc]
Francis Raynes Captn
Stirling &c Militia

Major General Acland
&c. &c. &c.

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/3.

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