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21st March 1814: Meeting of Hosiers in Nottingham agrees to raise prices

Nottingham, March 21, 1814.

AT A MEETING OF HOSIERS, convened by public advertisement, held this day, at the Police Office.

IT WAS RESOLVED UNANIMOUSLY, that an advance in the prices of workmanship, in Cotton Hosiery, is absolutely necessary; a committee was appointed to carry the same into effect. The undersigned Committee appointed by this meeting, Resolved unanimously,

That the workmanship of cotton hose, of all qualities under 38 gage be advanced 2d. a pair in maids, and all larger sizes; and 3d. a pair on 38 gages and upwards; childrens’ and half hose in proportion.

This Advance to be made on the list of prices published by the Hosiers, December 13, 1811, with this exception, that 1d. a pair be taken off from narrowed one plain to bound in, that this advance shall take place on all Work made after March 26th, 1814.

Resolved, that altered and finer qualities of RIBBED HOSE, be also advanced 2d. a pair.

Resolved, that the above resolutions be inserted in the Nottingham, Leicester, Derby, and Gloucester Newspapers.

The Committee appointed by this Meeting signed for:―

Morley, Wilson & Morley
Samuel Fox and Son
Ward, Brettle and Ward
James Pritt and Co.
William Chamberlain
Pagets and Byng
Beardsmores and Parker
Oliver and Boden
Samuel Clark
N. Hurst and Co.
Turner and Ward

The undersigned Committee appointed to take into consideration the state of the Silk Trade, feels itself incompetent to decide upon the application of the Plain and Knotted Silk Framework-knitters, on account of the absence of most of the Manufacturers, who are the chief Employers of Three Needle Frames.

Samuel Fox
Joshua Beardsmore
John Byng
John Ward

The advert is from the Leicester Journal of 25th March 1814.

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