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4th March 1814: Thomas Holden's parents write to him from Hag End, near Bolton

Bolton 4th March 1814

Dear Son Thos

It is with the most heartfelt sattisfaction that we can possible express to you that yours of June 24 1813 is come safe to hand, by which you give us an acct of Part of your suffrings since you left home but dista[ ] as you are from us we feel greet pleasure in your haveing it in your Power to say that upon the whole you have found a residence that promises fair for your comfort Even in those remote regeons called New south wales the acct of your Sufrage hath given us all sattisfaction and what aught to be our consolation is that you stand [ ]fortunately sheet with such kind reception /for\ from the tenor of your letter we are led to believe that the man you are liveing with is a gentleman, we beg to say to him we are very thankful that he hath so far condes ended to take you into his service and at the same tim we hope and trust that you will not be wanting to [me  ] his favour and esteem whom while he thnks for open to employ you, Dear Thos with such prospects as this we look Forward to those happyer days when you may have the pleasure of engoying Our paternal care for [   ] in your native land which the almighty in his wisdom be pleased to fullfill.

[In margin] We expect by the time you receive [   ] your wife will have had one from you as you say that you will [   ] Fortune her never faiding love to you Adieu

Dear son we shall certainly do all in our power to get your sentance mittageted so that if we can do any thing in that way we will give you the speedyest information you cannot conceive what satisfaction yours gave us for we had all kinds of doubts and reports about you Some time you was [sometimes – scored out] just out at sea some times at one place the next day some where Else But yours of 24th June [    ] put the matter beyond a Doubt alass alass unfortunate son your wife and child is well as are we all hope you are the same as is all other family matters that is your wife and child is where you left them together with all your other things and as you hope to see them once again we shall keep them all to[  ]ther whill your [  ] which we hope will not be long Counterpane weaving is gone to all intents and purposes for out of upwards o 20 looms at the hag end not one is left all the hands are Enployed at Quiltings or muslin we for our part are in the muslin line, hope you will Excuse our short hand yet the heart is the same to you Our dear loving Thos holding [    ] Remembered to you his kind love, and your Cousin Fu- holding the same together with a numerous train of Relatives and acquaintance which all wish to se you again so we Conclude and remain your father and mother till time shall be no more John and Elen holding

[In margin] Nothing but war in Europes.

one knowles father and mother desire that you will let them know if you can where he is he went from England with you

Thos Holding
[  ] of Commisary [  ]
Esqre in New South Wale[ ]
or Sidney-Cove

This letter can be found at Lancashire County Record Office, ref DDX 140/7/14a.

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