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28th March 1814: Threatening letter from 'Edwin Lud' to Mr Hooley, Hosier at Nottingham

Sunday night 12 o'Clock [28th March 1814]


I have to inform you that I was called out Friday night about 8 o'Clock by 2 of my Companions on purpose to form a plan out to murder you on my asking what you was to be murdered first for one of them said he knowed you and your father very well but you was not so bad as trantem, parker, Ray and some of them but it was more convenient to kill you and that would do for example tho you was not as bad–Mary's Clock struck twelve while we was at the spot where you was to be killed not far from Nottingham Gallows we went in one of the Sand Holes and there we was about agreeing to finish Ray but for a Charitable act to a poor Workman of hees that was badly lately. We have picked out 5 of the worst for if there is more danger in killing the worst Rogue there is the more honour Sir about 30 years ago Provisions was about a quarter the Price O good God is it Bearable to work and famish. On Friday night when we met we all took a solemn Oath that were ever we could have a chance to finish one of 5 as we have picked out and solemnly in the dead of the night when we parted we neeled down on our bare knees and in the presence of the almighty God we 3 times wished Hell might be our eternal damnation if we did not &c. &c if we are not raised 8 pence next Friday.

Edwin Lud

[To] Mr. Hoolley, Hosier
High Pavement

This letter has been transcribed from the original and features in a letter sent to the Home Office by George Coldham on 29th March 1814. The letter can be found at HO 42/138.

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