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11th July 1816: John Lloyd admits to the Home Office that the local authority is directly supporting the local weavers

Stockport 11 July 1816


I have the honor now to inform you that I yesterday attended a meeting of some of the principal Gentleman of our Town as the secretary to form a plan for employing the weavers and others not able to procure work for themselves—and we have effected it upon a system that promises good effects—Considering it better to have the work furnished by the Overseers of the poor for the relief necessarily afforded to the families rather than risk an odium against any particular party for keeping down wages—for according to our plan the labour is to be an equivalent for the money paid to them out of the rates—The subscription in aid of those rights to purchase materials which when manufactured are to be sold & the money they produce paid into the fund which is to be deposited in the Bank of messrs Jones Fox & Co in manchester—and little or no loss is anticipated.

[Should] you wish to be further acquainted with the Plan, you can command it from me when more mature—I think we shall be able to manage the people & keep them quiet—no [disposition] to the contrary, I am happy to say, at present appears.

I have got the Overseers into better humour—& I will take an opportunity of printing out the Observations in this days Courier Paper to them.

I have the honor to be

Your very obedient
humble Servant

J. Lloyd

[To] J. Beckett Esqr.
Under Secy of State
&c &c

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