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22nd July 1816: Public Meeting in Ely expresses alarm about the fate of transported prisoners

AT a MEETING of the INHABITANTS of the TOWN of ELY, held at the Club Inn, in Ely, on Monday the 22d day of July, 1816, (the Magistrates having refused the use of the Shire-hall upon the occasion)

JONATHAN PAGE, Esq. in the Chair:

The following Resolutions were unanimously entered into:

That this meeting cannot but observe the sincerest emotions of sympathy and regret, that Nine Persons who were capitally convicted at the Special Assizes lately held here, and who were reprieved under an expectation regularly notified to them, that their Punishment would be limited to Twelve Months Imprisonment, have suddenly been removed from Ely, to the Hulks at the Nore, and that the terms of their Reprieve, contrary to general usage, have been extended to Seven Years’ Transportation.

That this Meeting being apprehensive that His Majesty's Government may have been induced to suppose that the disturbed state of this Neighbourhood required such an additional example of Severity to be made, entertain confident hopes, that upon a faithful Representation being made to them of the present tranquil State of the Country, and of the orderly and peaceable demeanour of the lower Classes of Society, the commuted Punishment recommended by the learned Judges may be adhered to.

That a Letter be immediately addressed the Secretary of State for the Home Department, and signed by the Persons present at this Meeting, earnestly imploring his Intercession with the Prince Regent in Behalf of the said Convicts.

That a similar Application be made to the learned Judges who presided at the Assizes, and who have thrown such distinguished lustre upon their characters by their judicious conduct upon that occasion.

That these Resolutions be signed by the Chairman, and advertised in The Times, Courier, Cambridge, and Bury papers.


Resolved,—That the Thanks of this Meeting be given to the Chairman for his conduct in the Chair, and for his constant readiness to support the Privileges, and promote the Interests and Welfare of the Inhabitants of the Town.

This advertisement was published in the Bury & Norwich Post of 24th July 1816.

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