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14th December 1812: The Treasury Solicitor discusses the execution of Mellor, Thorpe & Smith before their trial has even begun

Dear Sir,

In case the Judges should be disposed to order the Execution of the Murderers on the spot where the Offence was committed, it appears to me very material to consider how their Bodies are to be afterwards to be disposed of so as to prevent their being triumphantly buried by their Friends. I lay gibbeting out of the question. The Alternative is, ordering the Bodies to be anatomized. But is there any Surgeon at or near Huddersfield, who would dare to dissect these Bodies? If not, I am very much disposed to think that an execution at York should be preferred. As you are on the spot, you can from the best opinion upon the question I have asked.

I trust the recent Commitments are likely to lead to Convictions. I think a better opinion may be formed respecting James Hey’s Confession, when we see how fars his Conviction will be expedient to fill up the Measure of Justice.

I have to thank you for the Transmission of my Letters, & do not forget that I am indebted to you for the Postage of one of them.

I mean to leave Town on my Road to York, after Wednesday's Post comes in.

I am [etc]
H. Hobhouse
Lincolns Inn
Dec. 14. 1812

[To] Maj. Genl. Acland
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/4.

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