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20th December 1812: General Maitland infoms the Home Office about the success of apprehending suspects for the burglaries

20th December

My dear Sir

I have seen Lloyd, and he persists that the New Cases stated to you by Acland, are the best we have hitherto had. I hope it may turn out so, and I am inclined to think them strong, as far as I am able to judge at present; but if they had gone more slowly and quietly to work, it would have been much better.

Let these Cases however turn out as they may, the having broke into this Set, is in itself an immense Object, and I think we will find in the long run, that it is the last of these nefarious Gangs.—

There is an Idea, that there is another at Elland and that Neighbourhood; but I own I doubt it, and I think it will turn out that all Robberies have emanated from this Set.

One comfortable part of it, and which shews how much their System is broken into, is the ease with which it has been traced out, indeed from the perpetuation of the last Robberies it was not more than two days before we got our original information.

As far then as this System of Plunder goes, we are certainly [improving]; but what will give us more Aid than any thing, is the very great change that has already taken place in consequence of the Russian News, every thing is up, and I understand that in some of the Cotton Parts of the Country they are even working long Days.

Here the People from having nothing to do are full of business, if this continues all will go well, notwithstanding the high Price of Provisions.—

I shall write you again tomorrow.—

I am [etc]
T Maitland
[To] John Beckett Esqr
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/130.

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