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19th December 1812: General Acland informs the Home Office about the suspects committed for the recent robberies

Huddersfield 19th December 1812.

My dear Sir.

I had in part anticipated your wishes previous to the receipt of your note to the 15th Inst—

But the cases were thought so good against

William Hill
Joseph Crowther
Job Hay
William Hartley
Nathan Hoyle

that they were committed yesterday and are gone this morning to York Castle.

Mr. Lloyd told me previous to commitment the cases were so strong, he should have no difficulty in going to trial at any time. The most doubtful case I apprehend to be Hoyle’s. The others acknowledge generally or in fact.

James Hay & [Carter] are committed to Wakefield, [Carter] is admitted on Evidence—Hay seems not only willing to speak out, but certainly can give much information, however whether it may be advisable to allow it now or after conviction Mr. Hobhouse will be the judge, to whom Mr. Lloyd rights by this Post & sends up the examinations — from whom you will therefore get particulars now fully detail’d, [till] I am enabled to do—

Three others are recommitted for further examination on Monday, but as far as any opinion can be form’d at present, it is most probable they will then be discharg’d—

I wrote to General Maitland on Thursday, but as I find he was to leave London yesterday, I take the liberty of sending you for Lord Sidmouth’s information a copy of my letter with an enclosure—

But as General Maitland during his stay in London is in daily communication with you, I consider’d it more regular to correspond with him, than to intrude myself unnecessarily on Lord Sidmouth or Yourself.

believe me My dear Sir
Yrs most faithfully

Wroth: P: Ackland

[To] J. Beckett Esqr
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/130.

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