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23rd December 1812: General Maitland reacts strongly to news that Joseph Radcliffe may be made a Baronet

23rd December

My dear Sir

I find Lord Fitzwilliam has written a letter to Radcliffe, asking him if he would like to be made a Baronet, to which, he has said “Yes”, and in consequence of which I suppose Application will be forthwith made to Lord Sidmouth. This I am extremely sorry for, particularly as the whole of the Story is circulated all over the Country, and it appears to me susceptable of interpretations, that must be extremely inconvenient to Government, for whether we look at it in the View of its bribing Magistrates to do their Duty, or with a view to the numerous Applications that will fall upon you from other Quarters, I am convinced you will agree with me, that at all events, it would have been more judicious not to have done it at the present time.

I gave the Money to Cartwright yesterday, and have got a Note from him saying he has received it.

I am more and more convinced, we will find, that the Gang we have lately attacked, has perpetrated all the Robberies had taken place; but I shall be able to state this more fully in the Course of a few days.—

I am [etc]
T Maitland
[To] J. Beckett Esqr.
Under Secretary of State
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/130. Lord Fitzwilliam wrote to Radcliffe 4 days later, notifying him that his application for a baronetage had been refused (Radcliffe MSS 126/110).

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