Sunday, 30 December 2012

30th December 1812: Rising number of Luddite incidents in Nottinghamshire

The 2nd January 1812 edition of the Morning Post carried an article dated Wednesday 30th December 1812 which related the increasing number of Luddite incidents that had taken place in Nottinghamshire over the last month:

NOTTINGHAM, DEC. 30.—No less than eight violent outrages have been committed at Beeston, New Radford, [Watnall], Arnold, and Mansfield, and in some villages on the south side of the Trent. The objects of these attacks have been the destruction of frames; at each place the outrages have been put into execution by numbers of disguised men, armed with pistols and swords, using personal violence on the individuals of their revenge, threatening their lives if they open their lips; and after placing guards over these unfortunate people, destroyed their frames and then escaped undiscovered.

In the town of Mansfield, poor woman, on denying a frame demanded by this lawless banditti, was stabbed in several places, afterwards knocked down, and left for dead. Several of the depredators, who committed the outrage at [Watnall], have been taken, and committed to the jail in this town. A large meeting of the Magistrates of the county has taken place, and the strongest measures resorted to, to provide against these disorders. The Watch and Ward Bill is to be put into force immediately. The military have been again called on, the same as upon former occasions, to guard over the property of the inhabitants, and every other precaution, as patroles, &c. &c. &c.

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