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27th December 1812: The Duke of Newcastle writes to the Home Secretary about recent Luddism in Nottinghamshire

Decr 27. 1812

My Lord

Your Lordship has not only been informed that the destruction of frames has lately been renewed in this County. Three or four instances of this nature have lately occurred and certainly under aggravated circumstances, but I have every reason to hope that the evil disposed are very few in number and pretty well known. A very desparate gang of 12 or 14 or at most 20 were known to hang together for some time and were intent upon committing every species of outrage, I am in great hopes that it will be found that the late mischief has been committed by these people and that it is confined to them alone.

The operation of the Watch & Ward bill is only suspended and may be renewed instantly if necessary, the effect of the operation of this Bill must be so productive of benefit that I think it will be found expedient, as a cautionary measure at any rate, again to put it in force; if any further mischief is done there will be no doubt of the propriety of enforcing it immediately—

I am in hopes that the general disposition or temper of the people is continually changed for the better—

I have [etc]

[To] Viscount Sidmouth
&c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/130.

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