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9th December 1812: General Acland expresses doubts about the arrests of the Burglars to General Maitland

Huddersfield 9th December 1812.

My dear Sir,

The Men under examination yesterday on Suspicion of being concern’d in the robbery, are recommitted till Fryday, with Two of the witnesses produced in their favor to prove an Alibi, who were themselves sworn to as Principals by some of the persons robb’d—

There is so much swearing & lying backwards & forwards that is difficult to give any opinion about it—

I think it however clear we have got hold of some of the set, the doubt on my mind is there being sufficient proof to bring it quite home to them—

I have written to Hay & sent over Serjeant  Johnstone, who is [directed] to communicate with me every three or four days—

Lt Cooper has been searching some houses between Elland & Sowerby under the authority of Warrants from Mr. Ratcliffe, in one house he found about three pounds of Gun-powder & from that & other suspicious [circumstances] has apprehended the owner & another man—in the other houses nothing particular was discover’d.

I have [directed] on a letter that was enclos’d under cover from Lord Palmerston which I have not open’d conceiving it [extremely] Private—

No [Officials] in particular this morning—

Wroth: P: Acland

[To] Lt General
The Rt Honble
T. Maitland

This letter can be found at HO 40/2/8.

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