Friday, 16 May 2014

16th May 1814: William Hay sends the spy John McDonald's memorial to the Home Secretary

No. 31 Clipstone Street 16th May 1814

My Lord,

At the request of the Magistrates at Manchester I have the honor to enclose a memorial from John Macdonald, petitioning for some compensation for his services during the disturbances in 1812. I understand that he was out between two and three months, and that his expences out of pocket were paid, but no recompense has been afforded him. Not being able to judge what might be considered as a proper sum for him, should Government think him entitled to the prayer of his memorial, I desired that the Magistrates would favor me with their opinion on that head; that opinion I take the Liberty of enclosing. Col. Silvester and Mr. Wright were present when the Commission was given by Genl. Maitland, and a promise made that the parties to be sent should be paid by Genl. Maitland. I heard of it immediately afterwards, and was present at the York Assizes when John McDonald gave his evidence – it appeared to me that he had been very active, and in situations at considerable peril—

I have [etc]
William Robert Hay

The Right Honourable
Lord Visct. Sidmouth
One of H. Ms principal Secretaries of State &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/139.

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