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3rd May 1814: The solicitor Louis Allsop reports progress in spying on the FWK Union to the Home Office

3 May 1814

My Dr Sir,

The Post allows me only a few Minutes—I heard Yesterday that much useful Information might be obtained at Castle Donington from Orgill, who suspects Blackner to have been concerned, in the attack of his property; unconnected with the Magistracy I cannot openly set about this, You probably can direct someone You have confidence in; Orgill is a Jacobin and a Methodist, but now much irritated; I will institute an Inquiry but cannot answer for its result—

Hodgson has tried to get me a Sett of the Resolutions, but cannot; Simpson says they are all distributed; from the Enquiries they are become sly; I learnt that manuscripts was written on detached pieces of paper, was frequently altered during the printing, & was written in a very clear plain hand; Simpson the person communicating with Hodgson: if you can send me a Copy, I think it might be useful—Hodgson is about to finish a large Quantity of Receipts to be given for the Subscriptions by Simpson or the Treasurer—Simpson took away the detached part of the Sett of the Rules soon after they were printed, & a printed Copy which Hodgson kept was delivered by his Boy to some person without his knowledge. I shod not have troubled you with this were it not for Orgill.

L. Allsopp

[To Home Office]

This letter can be found at HO 42/138.

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