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27th May 1814: Leicestershire Frameworkknitters publish petition for new prices

THE Humble Petition of the Workmen, engaged in Plain, German-ribbed, Berlin, Cord, Jackwarps, &c. Framework-knitted Pieces. To the Gentleman Hosiers, engaged in the manufacturing of such goods.


Your Petitioners beg leave to state, that the price of their labour has at various times been reduced, particularly about three years ago, and the reason assigned to such reduction was, the very low and depressed state of the trade. Impressed with the force of your reasoning, your Petitioners cheerfully submitted to the privations consequent upon such reduction, under an implied persuasion from yourselves, that, when the cause ceased, the effect itself would be removed. The happy and unexpected change has taken place on the Continent of Europe has brightened up every prospect—given an irresistible impetus to commerce, and restored trade to its wonted happy tone. Your Petitioners, therefore humbly submit to your consideration, that their present application for the undernamed prices, will not be considered as ill-timed by your respectable body; which prices were drawn up at a Meeting held at Hathern, Leicestershire, the 16th of May instant, consisting of the deputies from fourteen towns and villages.

Signed on behalf of the Meeting,
DANIEL ROPER, Secretary.

List of Prices solicited to be paid.
Plain peices, 80 gauge, 18 inches wide, per yard 0s. 11d.
German ribs, fine 2s. 1d.
Ditto, sham 1s. 10d.
Ditto, coarse 1s. 7d.
Single loop, sham 0s. 11d.
Ditto, coarse 0s. 10d.
Raised cord, fine 2s. 3d.
Ditto, sham 2s. 0d.
Ditto, coarse 1s. 9d.
Berlin, worsted 2s. 0d.
Double hipped cord 2s. 9d.
Treble ditto 3s. 0d.
Double bar 3s. 3d.
Jackwarps, fine 2s. 3d.
Ditto, sham 2s. 0d.
Ditto, coarse 1s. 9d.

N.B. The Workmen also most earnestly solicit that their work may be paid for by the RACK, which is admitted by all to be an undeviating standard of justice.

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