Monday, 5 May 2014

5th May 1814: Leicester Mayor & Magistrates issue warnings to gatherings of Framework-knitters in the town

Leicester, May 5, 1814

The Mayor and Magistrates have received information, that large bodies of men, supposed to be Stockingmakers, are parading this town in a tumultuous and unlawful manner, having for their object to raise the price of wages by means of intimidation and threats.

The Mayor and Magistrates hereby require all such bodies of men to disperse themselves and depart to their lawful occupations, and it, after this notice, any such assemblies of men shall be found together, the Magistrates will apprehend the Ringleaders and commit them to prison, in order that they should be brought to justice.

The Magistrates hope that the present proceedings have arisen from want of reflection, and that after this notice the well disposed will withdraw themselves from such illegal parties, but if it should be found that this cautioa should not produce the desired effect, the persons who may be apprehended can only be considered in the light of wilful offenders.

Whatever may be their object, whether legal or illegal, the Magistrates will not suffer such assemblies of men to parade this town in a manner so contrary to law.

William Walker, Mayor.
W. Firmadge.
D. Harris
John Stevenson.
John Fox.

This notice appeared in the Leicester Journal of 6th May 1814.

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