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15th October 1814: Nottingham magistrates inform the Home Secretary of recent events and requests troops

Nottingham 15th October 1814

My Lord

The Magistrates of the County of Nottingham have for some time had great reason to believe that there is an organized system and combination amongst the Manufacturers and others of this County, and of the Town of Nottingham, for the Committing of the most violent outrages against the Public Peace. A person of the name of Towle is now confined in the County Gaol for breaking into a House with others, in the month of September last, to destroy Stocking Frames in the House of Thomas Garton of Basford near Nottm.—Towle is Committed on the testimony of Garton, who has been threatened with revenge and was alarmed lest he should be murdered to prevent his testimony.

The Town Clerk of Nottm it is understood will inclose to your Lordship, by this Post, Copies of Depositions which will inform your Lordship what happened last Night, and the Magistrates are strongly of Opinion that they will not be able to maintain the Peace of the County by the Civil Power alone.

The Commanding Officer of the Cavalry stationed near Nottm being averse to his Men being separated from their Horses or acting dismounted. We as Magistrates of the County have to request that your Lordship will have the goodness to give directions that a competent force of Infantry perhaps not fewer than 200, may be sent to Nottm as early as possible to be distributed in such Villages as the Magistrates shall direct.

We have [etc]

Charles Wilde
Fran. Evans
John Kirkby
John Longden

[To: Lord Sidmouth]

This letter can be found at HO 42/141.

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