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27th October 1814: The Home Secretary tells the Earl of Lonsdale of plans to break the Calico Printers Union



Richmond Park,
Octr. yr. 27th 1814.

My dear Lord,

I am much obliged to your Lordship for your letter of ye 25th – Of the Combination you mention I have long been apprized. Three active members of it were apprehended at Glasgow, about a month ago, thro’ the Vigilance and Activity of the Sheriff of Renfrew; and no doubt is entertained of their being convicted. Copies of the Papers found upon them were sent to me; &, by means of the Information thus afforded, very important Information has been obtained.

The immediate Object of the Combination, is to dictate the Rate of Wages; and it comprehends the Calico Printers, and Weavers, of Glasgow, Manchester, Blackburn, &c. & of Dublin. Persons of that Description at Carlisle are deeply engaged in it; & it is material that Great Caution should be observed in seeking for Information there, as the Excitement of Alarm would destroy the means, which we now possess of obtaining Intelligence from that quarter.―Nothing can be better arranged, than that the Information, procured by the Gentleman to whom your Lordship has adverted, should be transmitted to Sir James Graham, & by him forwarded to me.—

The Attorney General is out of Town; but the Solicitor General is to be at the Home Office tomorrow, as I wish to consult Him as to the Course to be pursued. I incline to think, but more Rope must be given: but I am satisfied, that, in the ensuing Session, the Interference of Parliament will be indispensably necessary.—

Believe me

[To] The Earl of Lonsdale
&c &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/141.

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