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8th October 1814: Joanna Southcott's Accouchement

The Leeds Mercury of Saturday 8th October 1814 re-published news about the expected birth of Shiloh to Joanna Southcott:


From the Sunday Monitor, October 6.

The Accouchment.—We understand the house for Mrs. Southcott’s accouchment is not finally determined upon, but in all probability it will be tomorrow or Tuesday. As soon as that takes place, Dr. Reece, Dr. Sims, and the other medical gentleman will have immediate notice, that they may be present agreeably to their promise. The heads of the Church will also be invited, either personally to be present, or to send their physicians. The accouchment is expected to take place on the 10th or 12th of this month. Mr. Wetherell, surgeon, of Highgate, is to be the accoucheur. Mr. Phillips is in daily attendance. Her general health is lately much improved.

The Bible.—A short time since it was announced that a superb bible was binding, to be presented to the forthcoming infant of Mrs. Southcott. Yesterday, we had an opportunity of seeing it in its finished state, at the binder’s, in Nelson-street, City-road, and a more elegant and complete piece of workmanship has certainly never been executed. It does greater credit to the talents, skill, and judgement of the binder; and no pains or expense have been spared to render it the most complete and beautiful bound book ever produced.

Johanna Southcott’s doctrine.—The following has been handed to us, as a farther illustration of the tenets of Johanna:—

That the child is the third person in the Trinity that is to be born of her, (making up Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). That our Saviour was the Foot, that is the Branch; that this child is to sit on the throne of David, in all the pomp of an earthly King, until the end of the world; that through him the Jews are to recover their former kingdom, and that the Turks are to be driven from the Holy Land and destroyed; and that the kingdom of the Jews restored, to last till the Day of Judgment.

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