Wednesday, 22 October 2014

22nd October 1814: The Town Clerk of Derby forwards a threatening letter to the Home Secretary

Derby 22d October 1814

My Lord!

I am directed by the Mayor and Magistrates of the Borough of Derby to transmit for your Lordship’s inspection, the inclosed Copy of a letter – the original of which (under the Derby post mark), was received by Mr. Beer the officer commanding at the Depot yesterday evening about six o'clock.—I am also to state – that although the Magistrates know not the exact degree of importance which ought to be attached to this notice – yet considering the recent occurrences of Nottingham – the slender guard at the depot (a Serjeant and Seven men) – and that the Arms &c of the Derby regiment of Local Militia – are in another, and not more secure, part of this Town – they feel it their duty not only to exert their own vigilance in order to guard against the unpleasant consequences, but also to make this communication to your Lordship.

I have [etc]
E Ward
Town Clerk of Derby

the Rt Honble
The Secy at State

This letter can be found at HO 42/141.

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