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1st July 1815: George Coldham expresses concerns about the security of arms depots

Nottingham 1st July 1815.


Dear Sir,

I was yesterday at Newark & I was upon the Spot & had half an Hour to spare I set about examining the State of the Arms here. I found that in consequence of a Letter from you the Arms of the Regimt of local Militia remaining in Newark had been shipped stripped of their Locks & Bayonets which had been removed without great precaution & Secrecy to a very different place from the other parts of the Muskets. But I actually saw with my Eyes & therefore can not be mistaken that the Arms of the Regimt of the regular Nottinghamshire Militia deposited there were placed in the rooms above the Council room at the Town Hall had their Bayonets & Locks with the muskets & were in no State of Security from Attack having no Guard upon them. I therefore really think that you had best give Directions to this effect by a Letter to the Commanding Officer of the Regiment at Newark where I believe there is an Adjutant & Staff belonging to the Regiment. I am sorry to be troublesome but I am sure you will be glad to learn this & act upon it and it is certainly just possible the precautions may prevent much mischief

I am Dear Sir
Your’s very truly
Geo. Coldham

[To] J. Beckett Esqr

This letter can be found at HO 42/145.

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