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8th July 1815: George Coldham is concerned he will be assassinated by John Dann

Nottingham 8 July 1815—

Dear Sir,

I feel myself very much Indebted to you for I consider it is most probably at your Instance that the addition of Cavalry lately marched into the Town has arrived here. I have not sent you the two last Reports but they are upon the whole upon the main subject of our Anxiety of a more encouraging nature. They state substantially that the hopes of these Scoundrels, who meditate a Revolution were dependant upon the Success of Bonaparte & that the conviction they now possess of his complete & entire Defeat has lead them to consider all chance of affecting a Revolution here as hopeless. If however the general Danger is subsiding the Individual Peril is not passed away, but for the moment perhaps is greater than ever — Dann meditates unquestionably the Murder of myself & speaks with considerable coolness of arming himself with a four barrelled Pistol in order not to [miss] his aim & of disguising himself so as to prevent his being known. But as he speaks of effecting his purpose as I entered or returned in an Evening to my own House I shall certainly just for the present be upon my Guard & I have besides taken other measures of precaution. I know very well however that this State of Enmity is not likely to last long & I hope it will after a short Interval subside. Be that as it may you may Depend as long as Danger exists here, in Defiance of any personal Hazard the Magistrates as well as myself shall Do our Duty to his Majesty's Government but I wish that Government at the same time at least on my part to consider that upon all manner & material points my political Sentiments remain unchanged & that I shall ever act up to them according to the Extent of what I conceive to be right. I congratulate you most sincerely upon the possession of Paris which is decisive of a Termination of the War favourable to the best wishes & Interests of the Country. I am much obliged to you for the Gazette you are so good as to send me.

Your’s very truly in haste
Geo Coldham

[To: J. Beckett Esqr.]

This letter can be found at HO 42/145.

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