Friday, 21 October 2016

21st October 1816: Handbill posted in Nottingham 'we will have Bread or Blood by God'

Brother Townsmen. A set of Justases as robed us for years by bating plain Hose from 1s.6d to 9 and Silk Gloves from 1.2. to 6d. They are now going to call out Watch and Ward to protect their vilony and oppresion but death to them that proposes it Brother sufferers I hope you will atend the Hall that we may not shoot wrong for we will have Bread or Blood by God.

This is a copy of the original handbill, and was annexed to a letter from the Town Clerk of Nottingham, Henry Enfield, to Viscount Sidmouth of 21st October 1816, which can be found at HO 42/154. Enfield had annotated the statement about the prices with the words "I am assured that this is a false Statement".

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