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29th October 1816: William Sherbrooke tells the Home Secretary that martial law is needed in Nottingham

Sessions Room Shire Hall Nottingham
29th Octr 1816

My Lord

The Magistrates conceive that the Orders under which the Military stationed in this District are acting, are perfectly constitutional and correct as far as regards common Riots and Commotions, and that the Military force should act in aid of the civil power, but never be substituted for it—The Magistrates beg to represent to your Lordship that the Outrages committed in this County are of a different nature from common riots, that persons meet together resembling an armed Banditti, rather than a Mob for the purpose of committing Felonies and Burglaries—

There are some villages within half a mile of the Barracks (near Nottingham) where Outrages of this nature are apprehended, and from the Orders that the Military now receive, they cannot move from the Barracks, altho’ the Felonies and Burglaries should be committing in their Sight unless a Magistrate is with them to give Orders, consequently the Property might all be destroyed and the Felons dispersed before the nearest Magistrate could possibly be present—

The Magistrates submit to your Lordship the expediency of extending the Orders of the military stationed in this District as far as the Laws of the Country will permit and the present state of the County may seem to require—

I have [etc]
W: Sherbrooke

The Rt Honble Lord Sidmouth &c &c

This letter can be found at HO 42/154.

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