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30th October 1816: Informer's report on Nottinghamshire Luddites

30th October 1816.—

I went to the Kingstone's Arms last Saturday according to appointment saw Fell, Joe Gelsthorpe and Peter Green there—Fell said he had asked Holbrook and Beef Smith to go to Bulwell and they both refused.—He had not seen Shaw or Abel Smith.—He meant to see them and let me know the next night, but he did not come and I went to Mansfield on Monday morning and staid there till last night.—I have heard that Shaw went to my house on Monday night but have not learnt for what.—This morning I was with John Lomas Junr, and said to him, why these chaps have not done the job as they should of done (alluding to the Frames broke at Bulwell on Monday night) He said "Oh they were only Basford chaps and only 14 of them"–They broke into a House where there were no Frames and I asked him how that happened.—He said they were told better but made a mistake and got the wrong end of the row.—He said they intended coming again with more strength as there were 5 or 6 Basford Chaps that did not come as was expected.—They shot at Carnall's Window he said—He told me that one of the went into Carnall's bed room and threatened to shoot him and he  begged of them not to hurt him as he had no Frames there and told them where they were and to go and use their pleasure, and one of them said "Damn you give me the Pistol and if you wont shoot him I will" but the man having the Pistol refused to do it saying we’ll only break his Frames—I have not learnt who were there except, Lomas (I believe) was one from what he told me.—Joseph West told me this morning that they meant to come again from Basford last night but were put off but that they would be there again this week—I have heard nothing more about the House of Industry at Basford—This afternoon I saw Badder at the Goat and we had some talk about the Job done a Bulwell.—He said he was glad to hear of its being done as it would take the attention off of Nottm and we should get 2 or 3 of our jobs done.—On Sunday he and Slater and Peter Green came to my house and told me to get my arms out of the house as there was a Police Officer coming down from London to search for and seize all Arms to prevent a Revolution.—

I can give Information to Hollingworth if I should know before hand when the intended Job at the House of Industry is to be done.—

It was stated to night at the Fox that there has been a serious riot at Birmingham that some Soldiers had been shot, when a Soldier with the 73d said they were damned fools for shooting at the Soldiers for they were ready to help them if there was an opportunity and they would soon see which side the soldiers were for if they would all rise together—This was spoken openly in a large Company.—

Badder, Adam & Winrow were there.—

The proceedings of G. Henson are approved of.*

*This alludes to the prosecutions against Hosiers for paying their Workmen otherwise than in money—H.E. [i.e. Henry Enfield - a note added to the report]

This report can be found at HO 42/154.

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