Monday 3 October 2016

3rd October 1816: Luddites destroy two frames on Woolpack Lane in Nottingham

At 9.00 p.m. on Thursday 3rd October, Luddites struck in Nottingham. The Leicester Chronicle of 5th October 1816 carried a report published in the Nottingham Review:
FRAME-BREAKING.—It is with feelings of regret, we inform our readers of another of those outrages which have agitated and disgraced this part of the country. On Thursday last about nine o'clock, several armed men entered the house of Mr. Winter, in Woolpack-lane, and two of them proceeding up stairs, into the shop, broke two of the frames, belonging to Mr. Seals, in the usual manner while several others in the shop were not injured. Mr. and Mrs. Winter being gone out, there were no persons in the house when they entered but some children, who created an alarm but the alarm was useless, as a number of armed centinels were posted in the street to prevent any interruption. When the work of destruction was accomplished, a pistol was fired, and they all dispersed. It is supposed there were at least fifteen men engaged in the perpetration of this outrage. We must again repeat what we have so often said, that these things ought not to be: being more and more convinced, that if they are persisted in, they will inevitably produce the effect, of driving the trade away from the town, and increasing the load of misery which is always so severely felt. (Nottingham Review.)

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