Monday 21 November 2016

21st November 1816: James Towle is buried in Basford 'in the presence of thousands'

On Thursday 21st November 1816, James Towle was buried in Basford, with thousands of people being present.

The funeral was covered in several regional newspapers, with the Nottingham Review of 22nd November including the conditions Towle's relatives had to adhere to to take possession of the corpse & conduct the burial:
After hanging the usual time, his body was demanded by his cousin Josiah Towle, who before he could obtain it, was required to put his hand to the following document:— 
"The corpse of James Towle having been delivered to me on behalf of his mother, who is desirous of interring it at Basford, I hereby undertake that the same shall be buried there before sunset to-morrow, with all possible privacy, and I hereby make myself responsible that there shall be no public exhibition, either previously to, or at the funeral, and particularly that the corpse shall not be detained in the town of Nottingham, but that the same shall be conveyed, as privately as possible, throughout that town, and in case of any disturbance taking place, in consequence of the conveyance or burial of the said corpse, I consent this paper may be produced in evidence against me.
Dated this 20th of Nov. 1816. 
"I further engage that the corpse shall not be halted or detained at any other place between Leicester and Basford, than the following:—
To bail for one hour at Rothley House.
To put up for the night or bail at Costock.
To bail for one hour at Bradmore and from thence to Basford without stopping." 
The body was conveyed through Nottingham during the course of Wednesday night, and on Thursday afternoon, was committed to the earth in Basford church yard, by the side of his father, in the presence of thousands of spectators; every thing being conducted in the most peaceable and orderly manner.
Also present at the funeral was the Secret Agent employed by the Nottingham 'Secret Committee' of bureacrats and employers, and the Town Clerk would receive a report from him the following day.

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