Tuesday 22 November 2016

22nd November 1816: Informer's report about James Towle's funeral

22d Novr 1816

I was at Towle’s Funeral yesterday—A Schoolmaster I was told gave out the Hymns that were sung from his house to and at the Grave by Six young women.—Peter Green was there and joined in the singing—Many other men also sung—Badder was there with me—He said he felt uneasy because Barnes & Lawson were not come at before the body was put into the Grave—I and Badder went to Torr’s, The Shoulder of Mutton accompanied by Adam the Scotchman, Jos. Mitchell Chris and his Brother the man at whose house the Frames were last broke at Lambley, Glover who was tried at the last Assizes and Peter Green and many others who were at the supper at Scattergoods on the occasion of Badder and Slater’s acquittal whose names I dont know—Some of their wives were with them—I believe they were all Ludds or friends to them—There was a deal of muttering amongst them saying they would not give a penny for Barnes and Lawson's lives and that they must be done—Adam and Badder said they had slept at the Police Office for several nights and that they would be seen here no more and were going to London to be Police Officers where that damned Rogue Garton was but there would be a reckoning day there and they might be let on there—They said a deal about Garton being there for safety—Nothing was proposed to be done—Jos: Mitchell was chosen for a Bearer of Towle but he did not help to carry—I could only see two Bearers that I knew; Mellors of Dob Park Lane who keeps a Shop of Frames and Robinson who lives at this end of Basford—It was dusk when the Funeral was over—There was a great many men and women but most men, and a Soldier estimated them all together at 3000—Many men from Nottm, many of them I knew to be Ludds—I saw several from Arnold, Hucknall and many from Bulwell—There was a Star or Cross upon the Coffin lid which excited much conjecture what it could be for—Some said it was because he had died game, others because he had been hung, and some damned Dr. Wylde for not allowing the Funeral service to be read—Badder said the Parish Parson would have read the Service had not Dr. Wylde threatened to strip off his gown if he did it, but he said it did not signify to Jem for he wanted no Parson about him—We all came out of Torr’s together but Mitchell and Chris went to Towle’s mother’s and promised to overtake us before we got to Nottingham but they did not—On the way Badder said he wished we could meet Barnes and Lawson—Adam told him not to mind they would be met with tho’ they might go to London; as there had been meetings there of 40 or 50,000 and things were coming to a head and he should not mind being hung for shooting one of them but he should like to see a Revolution first and then he should die easy. I, Badder, Adam and the man of Lambley whose Frames were last broke, went by the Bowling Alley (Peter and the others left us on the Road and went by Radford) to Seymour’s and there we met Sam Slater—He said Jem had been damned ill used as he had sent a letter out of Prison to shoot Barnes that he might not give evidence against him and it would be a pity if he were not done now before he got to London and that Barnes would get £140 by the Job—Badder said they must lye still abit to which they acquiesced by silence.—

The report can be found at HO 42/155.

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