Friday, 4 November 2016

4th November 1816: Tory Nottingham Journal promises to go on the 'attack' against Luddism

Whilst we contemplate with satisfaction the exertions which are now making in order to give employment and afford relief to the peaceable and well-disposed part of the manufacturing and labouring poor, during the ensuring winter, it is no small pleasure to us to learn, that the inhabitants of the several villages in this disturbed part of of the country, no longer disposed to suffer the repeated attacks and outrages of a daring banditti, have at length determined to repel force by force. For this purpose, associations have been entered into, arms procured, signals agreed-upon, and measures taken, not only for defence, but for attack, pursuit, and to cut off the retreat of the depredators, and to bring them to justice. Desperate evils require desperate remedies; and as it is proposed to give large rewards to those who shall be the means of taking and securing any of the offenders, we have no doubt but a short time will put an effectual stop to these daring acts of iniquity. We forbear to say more on this subject at present.

This is from the version of the editorial published in the Leicester Chronicle of 9th November 1816.

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