Monday 10 April 2017

10th April 1817: Gravenor Henson writes of his meeting with John Smith MP

London Apl 10th 1817.


Me & Mr Atkinson waited on Mr John Smith pursuant to appointment, and had the mortification to learn that he had seen my Lord Sidmouth, & that his Lordship had told Mr Smith that to the Communications he had to make "he had no Answer to give" in fact Ld. S has not deigned to give any Answer to the Communication which Mr Smith has thought proper prudent to disclose, Mr Smith's manner was particularly reserved, and latterly [repelling], though polite; in the Conversation that I had with him at his Seat at Blendon Hall, he declined presenting the Petition to the Regent, as an useless & unavailing measure. Notwithstanding this, Mr Robinson is determined to carry the Petition along with me to the Home Department Office & present his letter of Recommendation to Ld. S from Lord Rancliff to obtain an Interview which will be done tomorrow.

I am Dear Sir

G. Henson

To Mr Woodhouse
Lion & Unicorn
Newcastle Street

This letter can be found at HO 42/163. Henson was arrested in London the following day.

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