Thursday, 6 April 2017

6th April 1817: William Towle writes to his father, from the condemned cell at Leicester Gaol



I write these few lines in hopes they will find you, my dear sisters and brother in good health, as for myself, I am as well as I can expect in my awful situation. Oh that I had kept better company. My dear brother I hope you will take warning by my untimely end, and attend the sabbath day, had I done so this would not have been my fate—Could it have been so as my life could have been spared, I would pay the duty I owe to my God. The Rev. Mr. Mitchell, of Leicester, attends me and my fellow prisoners and prays with us every day, that worthy Gentleman has made a deep impression on my mind, and I hope with true repentance through the merits of our blessed Saviour to enter everlasting life. O in a few days I shall be no more. Farewell, farewell, adieu, adieu, forever in this world!

I remain your unfortunate son,


Condemned Cell, April 6, 1817.

This is from Binfield (2004, p.157).

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